TBRG Donates to Orangutan Protection

July 7 – 2021

The Big Rich Group has started efforts to preserve Orangutans in Indonesia by performing donations to Orangutan Outreach. As part of these efforts, TBRG has donated to the welfare of 4 Orangutans: Krismon, Jojo, Gunung, and Pingky.

Orangutans are increasingly at risk due to the loss, deforestation, and fragmentation of their natural habitats. With this donation, TBRG hopes to play a part in helping to save Orangutans for future generations to treasure.

The Group hopes to make this a long term commitment, with more opportunities for donation and collaboration being explored.



This initiative was part of TBRG’s Good Neighbour initiative. The Good Neighbour initiative is a frequently evolving activity which taps into our belief in Charity as a part of our Core DNA. Contact us if you are seeking to perform charitable acts for opportunities to collaborate.